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This section of the illustrated catalog allows you to find correct replacement parts for your grill if you know your grill brand and model.

Please note:

When you find a replacemnet part in this listing, be sure to examine the picture of the part carefully and compare it to your original part. If the dimensions are not a close match, you should not buy the part. Instead you should look for a part in the dimensional section, or do a search by brand and part type using the second form below.
If you can’t find your model using the form below, there is still a good chance that you can find a replacement part with a dimensional search or do a search by brand and part type using the second form below.
The model listing includes burners, cooking grids, rock rates, heat plates, warming racks, and replacement windows as well as other parts such as ignitors, control knobs, etc. If you’re interested in accessories, such as briquettes, bbq tools, grid toppers, baskets, rotisseries, etc, you need to search in the dimensional section.

Our parts are manufactured to exacting specifications to meet or exceed the quality of the original equipment parts they replace. Designation of a part for use with a particular gas grill brand does not imply that the part was fabricated by the original equipment manufacturer.

If you know your grill’s brand and model number, search for parts by selecting from the pull-down lists in the first form below.
If you know only your grill’s brand, use the second form and pull down the brand and type of part you need.
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