Gas Grill Replacement Parts

This illustrated catalog allows you to find correct replacement parts for your grill whether or not you know your grill brand and model.

Our parts are manufactured to exacting specifications to meet or exceed the quality of the original equipment parts they replace. Designation of a part for use with a particular gas grill brand does not imply that the part was fabricated by the original equipment manufacturer.

We supply replacement parts for Amberlight, Arkla/Preway, Aussie, Brinkmann, Broil King, Broil-Mate, Broilmaster/Warm Morning, Charbroil/W.C. Bradley, Charmglow, Coastal, Coleman, Costco, DCS, Ducane, Ellipse, El Patio/Charo, Falcon, Fiesta, Fire Magic, Glen Canyon, Great Outdoors, Grill Master, Hardwick, Harris Teeter, Jacuzzi, Jenn Air, Kalamazoo, Lazy Man, Lynx, MHP, Napoleon, Nexgrill, Olympia, Patio Kitchen, Patio Master, PGS, Phoenix, Pro Chef, Roper, Sams, Kenmore/Kenmore, Steelman, Sterling/Shepherd, Sterling Forge, Sunbeam, Thermos, Turbo, Turco, Vermont Castings, Viking, Weber, Westbend/Anova, Wilmington, and others. All these brands are registered trade marks of various corporations.

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If you know your grills manufacturer and model# (usually found on a metal rating plate somewhere on the grill), it may be easier for you to find replacement parts with a brand and model search.

Click here, or on the headline above the preceding paragraph, to go to a list of popular gas grill brands. Clicking on a brand in that list will take you to a list of models of that brand with the available parts.

Please note

Begin your search here if you don’t know your grill’s brand or model number, or if you can’t find your model in the model listing.

This section leads you to a correct replacement part based on the shape and dimensions of your original part, so you’ll need to examine and measure your existing part following instructions in this section.

In addition to burners, cooking grids, rock rates, heat plates, heat angles, warming racks, and replacement windows, this section includes repair parts in following categories: handles, heat indicators, ignitors and ignitor parts, plumbing parts, and posts.

This section also includes bbq accessories such as baskets, brushes, grill covers, grill and tank accessories, freestanding burners, lighters, maintenance products, briquettes, picnic supplies, rotisseries and rotisserie parts, bbq tools, grid top cookers, and wood for smoking.

When you find a replacemnet part in this listing, be sure to examine the picture of the part carefully and compare it to your original part. If the dimensions are not a close match, you should not buy the part. Instead you should look for a part in the dimensional section. If you still don’t see your burner, you can probably replace it with an H or oval burner with a universal, adjustable venturi.

We have parts for many models not in our listing
If your model is not listed, there is a good chance that you can find a replacement part with a dimensional search.

The model listing includes only burners, cooking grids, rock rates, heat plates, heat angles, warming racks, and replacement windows. If you need other parts, such as ignitors, control knobs, handles, etc., or if you’re interested in accessories, such as briquettes, bbq tools, grid toppers, baskets, rotisseries, etc., you need to search in the dimensional section.